HYDE's New Song "PANDORA" Digitally Released & Music Video Revealed!

With the jacket artwork being revealed last week and the unfolding in conjunction with "Star Ocean: THE DIVINE FORCE" underway, HYDE's new song "PANDORA" has been released digitally today amid rising expectations even from game fans!

In addition, the music video for "PANDORA" has also been revealed today!
Featuring intense and wild live performance footage which should be said to show what HYDE is truly made of and utilizing footage from the Zepp Haneda concert that was just held in September, the music video combines HYDE's melodious and beautiful vocals with an aggressive guitar sound, capturing both "movement" and "calm" to fully express the world depicted in this highly addictive song of tremendous scale.

Furthermore, ahead of the release of "Star Ocean: THE DIVINE FORCE" on October 27, an advertisement movie in which you can view the video from when the game starts up has also been released.
Alongside the theme song "PANDORA", you will also be able to see fragments of the magnificent galaxy that awaits ahead and enjoy a world with a beautiful sea of stars so do check it out.

"PANDORA" Digital Release Information

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