"HYDE LIVE 2022" Confirmed!

The solo concert "HYDE LIVE 2022" has been confirmed for September!
In addition, additional dates for the battle-of-the-bands concert tour "HYDE LIVE 2022 RUMBLE FISH" have also been announced.

All these concerts will be captured on video by a camera crew and guests seated on the 2nd floor will also be permitted to film/take photos with their tablets, etc. For the September 7 and 8 concerts, the front area of the 1st floor will also be used as part of the stage.
During the September 10 concert, Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)'s Robycam will actively be used to capture the excitement on the floor. The concert on this day will also be broadcast live to movie theaters throughout Japan via LIVE VIEWING.
The September 11 concert will be the BEAUTY & THE BEAST concert where areas for men and women are separated. The concert will also be streamed live worldwide on Stagecrowd.
Incorporating live broadcasts over 2 days, this will be an aggressive concert which will be broadcast both in and outside of Japan.

Furthermore, as additional dates for the RUMBLE FISH tour, concerts featuring guest artist ASH DA HERO will also be held on September 4 and 5! The concerts will be recorded and streamed on the VAMPROSE ARCHIVES at a later date.

Please note that the concerts on September 4, 5, 7, 8 and 10 will all be fan club member-exclusive concerts.

Don't miss the 6 days that will sum up 2022!


HYDE LIVE 2022 RUMBLE FISH (Additional Dates)

※Fan club members only (HYDEIST/Circle A)
September 4 (Sun) OPEN 4:15pm/START 5:30pm
September 5 (Mon) OPEN 5:45pm/START 7:00pm
Guest Act / ASH DA HERO (both days)

※Fan club members only (HYDEIST/HYDERoom)
September 7 (Wed) OPEN 5:45pm/START 7:00pm
September 8 (Thu) OPEN 5:45pm/START 7:00pm
September 10 (Sat) OPEN 4:15pm/START 5:30pm ※LIVE VIEWING Live Broadcast

supported by EdgeTech Project

September 11 (Sun) OPEN 4:15pm/START 5:30pm ※Stagecrowd Live Stream

Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)

【Seat Type / Ticket Price / Separate Drink Charge Required】
1F Standing
¥6,660 (+tax) /¥7,330 (tax included)
2F Reserved-Seating (Photography Permitted)
¥10,000 (+tax) /¥11,000 (tax included)
※For these concerts, photography using smartphones/tablets will be permitted only from the 2F reserved seats. Commercial use of the photos/videos is prohibited.

<Usage Prohibited>
DSLR cameras, video cameras, tablets measuring over 25cm on any one side, tripods, etc. If you are unsure, please check with the venue staff.
※Preschool-aged children and younger will not be allowed entry
※Re-admission not allowed
※1F Standing area entry will be conducted by queue number
※The use of sound-emitting instruments, light-emitting items, message boards, etc. is prohibited.
※Please note that you may be asked to provide your personal information on the day of the concert at the venue when necessary.
※Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances, except in the event tickets are invalidated by the organizer due to the concerts being postponed, cancelled, or there is a change in the number of tickets available. Please take note of this before making your purchase.
※As all concerts will be filmed, footage/photos from inside the venue may be released.
※Payment at the concert venue will generally only be accepted through cashless payment such as train pass IC cards (excluding PiTaPa).

[Regarding the BEAUTY & THE BEAST Concert]
The BEAUTY & THE BEAST concert is a concert where the seating areas are separated into the "BEAST Area (men/1F Standing)" and the "BEAUTY Area (female/2F Reserved-Seating)".
Male guests will only be allowed in the 1F Standing area and female guests will only be allowed in the 2F Reserved-Seating area.
Please note that guests who have purchased a ticket for an area in which they cannot be seated will not be allowed to attend the concert and the ticket will not be refundable. Please take note of this when purchasing your ticket(s).
Please note that your gender will be determined by the gender listed on your family register.
In the event that your gender is difficult to determine by appearance, you may be asked to present 2 forms of documentation: an "official photo ID" and an "official ID that states one's gender" so please be sure to bring them with you.
If you are unable to present the 2 forms of documentation or if we are unable to confirm your gender even with the ID presented, you will not be allowed entry. In addition, to confirm the guest's gender, a pat-down may also be conducted. We ask for your kind understanding.

【General Ticket Sales】
August 28, 2022 (Sun) 10:00am〜 (local time)
※September 11 (Sun) BEAUTY & THE BEAST concert only

【Ticket Pre-Sales】
■HYDE Official Fan Club "HYDEIST"
■ASH DA HERO Official Fan Club "Circle A"
※For the September 4 and 5 concerts only
<Application Period>
July 28, 2022 (Thu) 6:00pm 〜 August 1, 2022 (Mon) 11:59pm (local time)

■HYDE Official Mobile Site "HYDERoom"
※For the September 7, 8, 10 and 11 concerts only
<Application Period>
August 4, 2022 (Thu) 6:00pm 〜 August 8, 2022 (Mon) 11:59pm (local time)

※Applications to purchase tickets are not on a first-come, first-served basis. A lottery will be held in the event there are too many applications.
※All tickets available in the ticket sales for HYDEIST / HYDERoom / Circle A members will be SKIYAKI TICKET "E-tickets". A smartphone/tablet on which the "E-ticket" can be displayed is required to enter the venue. Also, in order to display the e-ticket, please install the SKIYAKI TICKET app on the smartphone/tablet you wish to use and make sure that you are able to use the SKIYAKI TICKET app without any problems beforehand.
※You will be able to apply to purchase tickets during the ticket pre-sales if you register as a member on any of the respective fan clubs during the ticket pre-sales period. Please note that payment at convenience stores may take up to 2 hours to process.

Disk Garage
050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00 〜 3:00pm)

【Regarding the Concerts】
Ticket sales for this tour will start with ticket availability set at the maximum capacity in accordance with the guidelines set by the concert venue.
In the case whereby there are changes to the guidelines set by Japan, the local government of the concert location, or the concert venue resulting in a limit in the number of seats available, all sold tickets may be invalidated and refunded.
In this case, tickets will be sold again according to the new number of seats available.
In addition, the following measures will be taken during the concert. Please be sure to confirm it beforehand.
Measures Regarding the Prevention of the Spread of the Coronavirus and Requests to Customers LINK
Please note that the concerts may be postponed or cancelled if necessary, in compliance with the future policies of the government.

For more information, please refer to HYDE's official website.
HYDE Official Website