"HYDE 20th Anniversary ROENTGEN Concert 2021" Release Commemorative Photo Panel Exhibition to be Held!

In commemoration of the release of the "HYDE 20th Anniversary ROENTGEN Concert 2021", on sale July 27, 2022 (Wed), a photo panel exhibition of precious concert photos will be held.

Do take this opportunity to visit the stores!

【Panel Exhibition Participating Stores】
HMV Sapporo Stellar Place

Tower Records Shibuya
Tower Records Shinjuku
Tower Records Ikebukuro

Tower Records Nagoya Kintetsu Pass'e

Tower Records Umeda NU Chayamachi

Tower Records Fukuoka Parco

【Exhibition Period】
July 26, 2022 (Tue) 〜 the end date differs depending on the store.

【Photo Panel Present】
After the end of the exhibition, the photo panels will be given to winners of a lucky draw. Customers who purchase the "HYDE 20th Anniversary ROENTGEN Concert 2021" at the panel exhibition participating stores will be eligible to enter the lucky draw. For information on how to enter the draw, please inquire at the store at which you wish to make your purchase.

[Lucky Draw Applicable Items]
■Limited Edition Luxurious BOX Edition
"HYDE 20th Anniversary ROENTGEN Concert 2021 Complete Box"
■Regular Edition Blu-ray/DVD
"HYDE 20th Anniversary ROENTGEN Concert 2021"

※As the prizes will be the actual photo panels that have been put on display, please refrain from touching the photo panels. In addition, please note that the photo panel prizes might have small scratches, stains, etc.
※The panel exhibition content and duration is subject to change without prior notice.

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