"HYDE LIVE 2022 RUMBLE FISH" Confirmed!


From June 2022, HYDE will be holding the battle-of-the-bands-type standing live music club concert tour "HYDE LIVE 2022 RUMBLE FISH"!
Scheduled to make stops at Zepp music halls all across Japan, this concert tour will feature artists who have showcased their overpowering presence at live music clubs!
Although the concerts will be held with infection countermeasures set in place, this will in fact be HYDE's first standing nationwide tour in 3 years.
Do experience for yourself the rock-styled HYDE that is finally making a return and the overwhelming concert battles with a luxurious lineup of guest acts!


[Tokyo]Zepp Haneda (TOKYO)
June 18, 2022 (Sat)
June 19, 2022 (Sun)
Guest Act / coldrain
Disk Garage
TEL 050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00 〜 3:00pm)

[Kanagawa]KT Zepp Yokohama
June 25, 2022 (Sat)
June 26, 2022 (Sun)
Guest Act (Both Days) / Dragon Ash
Disk Garage
TEL 050-5533-0888 (Weekdays 12:00 〜 3:00pm)

[Fukuoka]Zepp Fukuoka
July 2, 2022 (Sat)
July 3, 2022 (Sun)
Guest Act (Both Days) / THE ORAL CIGARETTES
Kyodo Nishi-Nippon
TEL 0570-09-2424 (Weekdays/Sat 11:00am 〜 5:00pm)

[Osaka]Zepp Osaka Bayside
July 9, 2022 (Sat)
July 10, 2022 (Sun)
Guest Act (Both Days) / GASTUNK
Kyodo Information
TEL 0570-200-888 (Excluding Sun/Public Holidays 11:00am 〜 4:00pm)

[Aichi]Zepp Nagoya
July 23, 2022 (Sat)
Guest Act / TOTALFAT
July 24, 2022 (Sun)
Guest Act / Crossfaith
Sunday Folk Promotion
TEL 052-320-9100 (12:00 〜 6:00pm)

[Hokkaido]Zepp Sapporo
August 6, 2022 (Sat)
Guest Act / CVLTE
August 7, 2022 (Sun)
Mount Alive
TEL 011-623-5555 (Weekdays 11:00am 〜 6:00pm)

All Concerts: OPEN 4:30pm/START 5:30pm
※OPEN/START times are tentative and subject to change.

【Seat Type/Ticket Price/Separate Drink Charge Required】
1F Standing
¥6,660 (+ tax)/¥7,330 (tax included)
2F Reserved-Seating (Inclusive of Original Merchandise)
¥10,000 (+ tax)/¥11,000 (tax included)

※Preschool-aged children will not be allowed entry
※Re-admission not allowed
※1F Standing venue entry will be conducted by queue number
※When using the 1F Standing area, there will be marks or designated spaces placed at your feet so please enjoy the concert while standing in your preferred "One Person Space" after entering the venue according to your queue number.
※The original merchandise (T-shirt) included in the 2F Reserved-Seating tickets will only be handed to ticket-holders who come to the concert on the day of the concert. The time of the handing out and further details will be announced at a later date.
※The use of sound-emitting instruments, light-emitting items, message boards, etc. is prohibited.
※Please note that you may be asked to provide your personal information on the day of the concert at the venue when necessary.
※Tickets will not be refunded under any circumstances, except in the event tickets are invalidated by the organizer due to the concerts being postponed, cancelled, or there is a change in the number of tickets available. Please take note of this before making your purchase.
※Payment at the concert venue will generally only be accepted through cashless payment such as train pass IC cards (excluding PiTaPa).

【General Ticket Sales】
May 28, 2022 (Sat) 10:00am (local time)

【Ticket Pre-Sales】
■HYDE Official Fan Club HYDEIST Pre-sales
■HYDE Official Mobile Site HYDERoom Pre-sales
■Fan Clubs and Official Websites of the Respective Guest Acts Pre-sales

Ticket Application Period
April 28, 2022 (Thu) 6:00pm 〜 May 6, 2022 (Fri) 11:59pm (local time)

※Applications to purchase tickets are not on a first-come, first-served basis. A lottery will be held in the event there are too many applications.
※All tickets available in the ticket pre-sales for HYDEIST/HYDERoom members will be SKIYAKI TICKET "E-tickets". A smartphone/tablet on which the e-ticket can be displayed is required to enter the venue. Also, in order to display the e-ticket, please install the SKIYAKI TICKET app on the smartphone/tablet you wish to use and make sure that you are able to use the SKIYAKI TICKET app without any problems.
※You will be able to purchase tickets if you register as a member on HYDEIST or HYDERoom during the ticket sales period. Please note that payment at convenience stores may take up to 2 hours to process.
※Regarding ticket pre-sales through the fan clubs and official websites of the respective guest acts, please refer to the respective websites.

【Regarding This Concert】
Ticket sales for this tour will start with ticket availability set at the maximum capacity in accordance with the guidelines set by the local government of the concert location and the concert venue.
In the case whereby there are changes to the guidelines set by Japan, the local government of the concert location, or the concert venue resulting in a limit in the number of seats available, all sold tickets may be invalidated and refunded.
In this case, tickets will be sold again according to the number of seats available.
In addition, the following measures will be taken during the concert. Please be sure to confirm it beforehand.

Measures Regarding the Prevention of the Spread of the Coronavirus and Requests to Customers,HERE

Please note that the concerts may be postponed or cancelled if necessary, in compliance with the future policies of the government.

For more information, please refer to the "HYDE LIVE 2022 RUMBLE FISH" Special Website.
"HYDE LIVE 2022 RUMBLE FISH" Special Website