HYDE CHANNEL March 21 (Mon/Public Holiday) On-Air!

Causing a stir time and time again on HYDE CHANNEL are various gyoza (Japanese dumplings).
HYDE's favorite gyoza from "Gyoza no Ohsho", Edyh's recommended gyoza from "Niku no Hanamasa", and a handpicked selection of gyoza will be fried and taste-tested by HYDE himself to verify their deliciousness!

Which gyoza will HYDE choose as the most delicious gyoza?!
While leisurely frying gyoza, HYDE will also answer questions from and give advice to fans.
Stay tuned!

【Program Information】
HYDE's Gyoza Taste Test SP

【Broadcast Schedule】
March 21, 2022 (Mon/Public Holiday) 7:00pm~ Broadcast (※The broadcast will start at 6:30pm) (local time)


6:30pm Music Video Screening
Approx. 7:00pm HYDE Appearance

Broadcast Page
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【Messages for HYDE】
The program is always looking for messages/questions for HYDE!
Ask for advice about work, private life, questions about everyday life, life in general and about love… Anything!
HYDE will personally answer selected messages during the broadcast.
We await your submissions!

[How to Apply]
① Through Email
Please input "HYDE CHANNEL Message Submission" into the subject field, write your message / question along with your nickname in the body of your email, and send it to the following email address:

② Through Twitter
Please follow @HYDECHANNEL
and tweet your message/question along with "#ASKHYDE @hydeofficial_ @HYDECHANNEL".

For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
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