HYDE × Romance Simulation Game "Renai Sengoku Romanesque" Collaboration Confirmed!

HYDE's collaboration with the romance simulation game "Renai Sengoku Romanesque 〜Kagemushahime wa Unmei wo Ayanasu〜" has been confirmed.

Set in a "slightly different Sengoku period", "Renai Sengoku Romanesque" is a romance simulation game where the player can carve out a path in love and in the era alongside various unique warriors of the Sengoku period.
For this collaboration, HYDE will appear in the world of "Renai Sengoku Romanesque" in a special collaboration story, featuring HYDE's voice recorded specially for the game!

In addition to the "sweet dialogue" that is the true allure of a romance simulation game, there are also scenes of famous warriors "fighting for HYDE". The illustration of a Sengoku warrior-style HYDE, drawn in the same style as the characters of the game, is also a must-see!

The first part of the special story has been released on October 14, 2021 (Thu) and the second part is scheduled to be released on December 16, 2021 (Thu).

Furthermore, in commemoration of this collaboration, a tie-up promotional video has also been released and a giveaway campaign will also be held.
The tie-up promotional video features HYDE's song "AFTER LIGHT" alongside newly drawn illustrations of HYDE and the characters from the game.
Fans can stand a chance to win a "HYDE Autographed Koiroma Poster" in the giveaway campaign.
Please do enjoy this unusual collaboration by HYDE × Romance Simulation Game "Renai Sengoku Romanesque".

For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
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