HYDE×JOYSOUND Directly-Managed Stores Collaboration Campaign Confirmed!

To commemorate the 20th anniversary of HYDE's solo career, a collaboration campaign will be held at JOYSOUND directly-managed stores.
Taking over 2 JOYSOUND directly-managed stores in Tokyo, the stores will be renamed the "JOYSOUND Shinagawa HYDE-Nan Exit 20th Anniversary Store" and the "JOYSOUND Shibuya HYDE-Genzaka Store" for a limited time only! HYDE will also hijack the entrance (of the Shinagawa Konan Exit Store) and the automatic doors (of the Shibuya Dogenzaka Store)!

In addition, collaboration karaoke rooms completely dyed from the walls to the tables to the doors in the color of "HYDE" will also open at 4 stores!
Reservations for these special rooms have opened today.

Furthermore, collaboration drinks inclusive of original design coasters will also be available at JOYSOUND directly-managed stores all over Japan, including at the 4 stores with the collaboration karaoke rooms! A clear file set (set of 4 files) and table partitions will also be sold at 26 participating stores!

Please do enjoy celebrating the 20th anniversary of HYDE's solo career at JOYSOUND directly-managed stores.

October 12, 2021 (Tue) 〜 January 10, 2022 (Mon / Public Holiday)
※Business hours will differ depending on store.

【Store Name/Stores Hijacked by HYDE】
[Tokyo]JOYSOUND Shinagawa HYDE-Nan Exit 20th Anniversary Store (JOYSOUND Shinagawa Konan Exit Store)
[Tokyo]JOYSOUND Shibuya HYDE-Genzaka 20th Anniversary Store (JOYSOUND Shibuya Dogenzaka Store)

【Collaboration Karaoke Room Participating Stores】
[Tokyo]JOYSOUND Shinagawa HYDE-Nan Exit 20th Anniversary Store
[Tokyo]JOYSOUND Shibuya HYDE-Genzaka 20th Anniversary Store
[Aichi]JOYSOUND Meieki Nichome Store
[Osaka]JOYSOUND Namba Ebisubashi Store

<Regarding Measures Against COVID-19 Taken by JOYSOUND Directly-Managed Stores>
For the safety and security of all customers and employees, JOYSOUND directly-managed stores have implemented countermeasures.

For more information regarding reservations and details about participating stores etc., please refer to the JOYSOUND directly-managed stores special page.
JOYSOUND Directly-Managed Stores Special Page