Produced Under the Supervision of HYDE, the Plum Shochu "ANTIN" to go on Sale at HYDEPARK 2021!

The plum shochu "ANTIN" that was produced under HYDE's supervision and utilizes the Nanko-ume from Kishu, Wakayama prefecture will be going on sale.
This plum shochu was named "ANTIN" = "安鎮 (Anchin)" due to HYDE's wish for a peaceful and tranquil world.
With an alcohol content of 29% – a reflection of HYDE's birthday, January 29, ANTIN is the world's first shochu-type plum liquor. It is an "aromatic shochu" that is not sweet at all, leaving behind only the sweet aroma of plums.
With zero sugar, ANTIN is gentle on the body and easy even for people who dislike the distinctive smell of shochu to enjoy.
Simply by mixing it with carbonated water, you can enjoy a delicious zero-sugar hard seltzer in the comfort of your own home. As ANTIN is not sweet, it is also the perfect alcoholic drink to accompany your meal without overwhelming the flavors of your meal.
ANTIN is a plum shochu that has been created by HYDE with attention paid to every detail from naming to product quality and design.
ANTIN will be available for purchase at the "WAKAYAMA GOURMET TOWN" in HYDEPARK 2021 that is scheduled to start from October 8, 2021 (Fri).

For more information, please refer to the HYDEPARK 2021 special website.
HYDEPARK 2021 Special Website