HYDE × Hikaru Araki Village Vanguard Exclusive Merchandise to go on Sale!

The HYDE × manga artist Hikaru Araki collaboration merchandise will be going on sale exclusively at Village Vanguard.
This collaboration came to be when HYDE made a request to manga artist Hikaru Araki.
The manga artist Hikaru Araki has drawn illustrations of HYDE as a demon.

The merchandise will be available only at Village Vanguard so don't miss them!

HYDE × Manga Artist Hikaru Araki Collaboration Merchandise (build-to-order)
[Order Period]
October 8, 2021 (Fri) 10:00am 〜 October 24, 2021 (Sun) 11:59pm (local time)
[Scheduled Delivery Date]
Shipping is scheduled to start sequentially from mid to end December 2021

To Purchase Merchandise

In addition, HYDE will also appear on the cover of the official Village Vanguard free paper "VV magazine Vol.87"!
The free paper will be available at Village Vanguard stores starting September 29, 2021 (Wed), so please do check it out as well!
※The start of the free paper distribution may differ depending on the store. We thank you for your kind understanding.

Furthermore, the actual collaboration merchandise will also be displayed at HYDEPARK 2021 which is scheduled to start from October 8 (Fri) and all visitors of HYDEPARK 2021 will also receive the "VV magazine Vol.87".
Please look forward to it!

For more information, please refer to the HYDEPARK 2021 special website.
HYDEPARK 2021 Special Website