"30th L'Anniversary TOUR" Concerts
Regarding the Bringing in of Musical Instruments

Regarding the 30th L'Anniversary TOUR, so that everyone can enjoy the concerts in this coronavirus pandemic, customers will be allowed to bring in musical instruments such as bells, castanets, maracas, tambourines, etc.
With regards to instruments other than the official merchandise, please refrain from using them during the performance as they may bother customers seated around you and/or interfere with the performance.

Please do make use of the official merchandise, "Bat Maracas Light".

※We will not be able to respond to inquiries regarding instruments that can be brought into the venue.
※Please refrain from bringing in large instruments, wind instruments such as flutes that require blowing into to create sounds, and any instruments that would make loud and / or metallic sounds that could interfere with the performance.
※You will not be allowed to use smartphones or voice recorders with your voice recorded into them.
※Please note that the organizers will not be responsible for any trouble that occurs between customers.

We ask for your kind understanding and cooperation in ensuring a safe and secure environment for everyone to be able to enjoy the concert. Thank you.