HYDE New Song "NOSTALGIC" Music Video Teaser Released

【"NOSTALGIC" Music Video Teaser】

With his return to his origins, the place HYDE has chosen as a place to create a new world of "calm" is the Shirasaki Ocean Park, a popular tourist spot located in Yura, Hidaka District, Wakayama Prefecture. Almost like as if it were in a foreign country, the picturesque scenery where the white limestone rocks and the blue skies come together is also known as "Japan's Aegean Sea". On the rocky stretch where access is usually prohibited, filming was conducted with special permission from the Yura Town Hall in the presence of town hall staff members. The filming which took place in such an environment, on a cloudless day which made the past few days of constant rain seem like a lie, and under the unforgiving sunlight which reflected off the limestone was harsh. Filmed under such harsh conditions, the music video which leaves an impression for its contrast between the white limestone and HYDE's black outfit fluttering in the wind is a must-see. The footage which is shot with the use of drones have also resulted in a glorious video that looks like it was filmed not in Japan but in a foreign country.

HYDE's new song will also be performed on television for the first time on the TBS program "CDTV Live! Live!" on June 28, 2021 (Mon).

HYDE New Digital Single "NOSTALGIC"
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