HYDE New Song "NOSTALGIC" to be Released Digitally on June 25 (Fri)!

On June 25 (Fri), the first day of the "20th Orchestra Tour HYDE ROENTGEN 2021" – HYDE's orchestra tour which reproduces and elevates his 1st solo album "ROENTGEN", HYDE's new song "NOSTALGIC" will be released digitally!
With HYDE's powerful yet sad vocals blending with the majestic world of sound created by the piano and string instruments, "NOSTALGIC" expresses a new world of "calm".
The artwork for this single was created by Mote Sinabel, an art director/photographer who is based in Paris and Tokyo.
As the artwork for the singles "EVERGREEN", "ANGEL'S TALE" and "SHALLOW SLEEP", 3 tracks also included in the album "ROENTGEN", all feature flower motifs such as roses and lilies, the artwork for "NOSTALGIC" also presented the world view passed down from "ROENTGEN" with its featuring of a flower.

【Digital Release】
Available for download/streaming starting June 25, 2021 (Fri)

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