HYDE's New Song "ON MY OWN" Confirmed as the Ending Theme for Television Anime "MARS RED"!

HYDE's new song "ON MY OWN" will be the ending theme for the television anime "MARS RED" (original work by Bun-O Fujisawa), which has generated buzz as the first-ever anime adaptation of a musical stage reading play!

The song will also be released digitally on April 9, 2021 (Fri).
Set in the Taisho era, the television anime "MARS RED" is a story about the "16th Special Forces – also known as Code Zero", an anti-vampire unit created by the Japanese government.
Established within the army, the 16th Special Forces, commonly known as "Code Zero", is tasked with recruiting, or capturing vampires who have lived feeding on fresh human blood under the cover of darkness hidden from society since ancient times. Tonight as well, they come face to face with the vampires who wander the night…
While the story of "Code Zero" galloping through the Taisho Roman nights progresses, the sometimes sad, sometimes intense, like as if it was one with a vampire's feelings, HYDE's new song "ON MY OWN" adds a finishing touch as the anime's ending theme.
The television anime will premiere on April 5 (Mon), and will start broadcasting sequentially on various broadcasting stations including Yomiuri TV, TOKYO MX, Chukyo TV, etc., so please do look forward to it!
In addition, ahead of the ending video that will be broadcast, a new promotional video for the anime which includes a preview of "ON MY OWN" has been released on YouTube today!
Please do check it out.

【 "ON MY OWN" Anime Promotional Video】

【Broadcast Information】
Yomiuri TV: Starting April 5, 2021. Every Monday 25:59〜 (local time)
TOKYO MX: Starting April 7, 2021. Every Wednesday 22:00〜 (local time)
Chukyu TV: Starting April 8, 2021. Every Thursday 25:37〜 (local time)
BS Fuji: Starting April 7, 2021. Every Wednesday 24:30〜 (local time)
CS Family Gekijyo: Starting April 11, 2021. Every Sunday 23:30〜 (local time)
※Please note that the broadcast times are subject to change.

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