Limited Express "HYDE Southern" to Remain in Service!

The limited express train "HYDE Southern" production and design was overseen by HYDE as part of a collaboration between the Wakayama tourism ambassador and the Nankai Electric Railway.
Beginning its service in December 2019, its run was scheduled to end on October 4, 2020 (Sun). However, with the train's popularity, it has been decided that the HYDE Southern will remain in service till Autumn 2021 (tentative).
Please do ride the limited express train "HYDE Southern" during your trip to Wakayama.
※Please note that the limited express "HYDE Southern" will not be in service from October 8, 2020 (Thu) till November 11, 2020 (Wed)(tentative) due to regular inspections. We thank you for your kind understanding.

※For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
HYDE Official Website