HYDE CHANNEL presents "HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde" SP On-Air!

HYDE, who held the experimental audience-inclusive live concert broadcast "HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde" over a total of 5 days, with an approach from two extreme opposites in the form of the "Acoustic Day" and "Rock Day".
During the "Rock Day" concerts, a new system allowing for audience participation, "SHOWROOM Arena (β)", the first of its kind in the world, was introduced and the concert's outlook and music was delivered not only at the venue but also to fans all over the world who were connected online.
As the excitement from the concerts continues to linger, a section of the "Acoustic Day" concerts will be broadcast live on HYDE CHANNEL.
Not only will you be able to watch parts of the concert, HYDE himself will also be providing a live commentary while looking back on this concert.

【Program Information】
HYDE CHANNEL presents "HYDE LIVE 2020 Jekyll & Hyde" SP

【Broadcast Schedule】
September 28, 2020 (Mon) 8:00pm〜 (JST) Live Broadcast

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