HYDE Produces Opening Theme for TV Anime "NOBLESSE", Sung by Kim Jae-joong!

HYDE has produced the song "BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) Produced by HYDE", which is sung by Kim Jae-joong. The song will be the opening theme for the television anime "NOBLESSE".
Ahead of the start of the anime's broadcast on October 7, 2020 (Wed), the song will be partially revealed during the special broadcast on September 28 (Mon).
【Comment from HYDE】
The underlying theme of the television anime "NOBLESSE" is "fighting to protect friends and what is important to us", hence I wrote "BREAKING DAWN" with that very same message in mind.
I also kept in mind that Jae-joong, who is always thinking about his fans, would be singing this song, so I made a point to choose words that would hopefully make his fans happy.  
I think it turned out to be a great song, so do please look forward to it.
HYDE Video Comment
TV Anime "NOBLESSE" Official Website
TV Anime "NOBLESSE" Broadcast Information
Starts Airing October 7, 2020 (Wed)
[TOKYO MX] 24:00〜 (12:00am〜 on October 8)
[BS11] 25:30〜 (1:30am〜 on October 8)
TV Anime "NOBLESSE" Pre-release Special
As Episode 0 of the anime, its prequel, the original video animation "Noblesse: Awakening", will air on television for the first time.
A section of the opening theme, "BREAKING DAWN (Japanese Ver.) Produced by HYDE" which is sung by Kim Jae-joong, is scheduled to be revealed during this special broadcast.
[TOKYO MX] September 28 (Mon) 10:00pm 〜 11:00pm
[BS11] September 28 (Mon) 11:00pm 〜 12:00am
For more information, please refer to HYDE's Official Website.
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