Announcement Regarding "TETSUYA "LIVE STREAMING 2020"" Rebroadcast Confirmation and Sale of E-Tickets

In response to the many requests from fans, the July 19, 2020 broadcast of "TETSUYA "LIVE STREAMING 2020" will be rebroadcast on SHOWROOM!

■Rebroadcast Schedule
August 19, 2020 (Wed) 9pm~ (JST)

■Points to Note Regarding the Rebroadcast
※A "TETSUYA "LIVE STREAMING 2020"" e-ticket is required to view the broadcast on SHOWROOM.
※This broadcast will be a rebroadcast of the live concert broadcast of "TETSUYA "LIVE STREAMING 2020"" that was broadcast on July 19.
Customers who have entered their serial code once during the original broadcast need not re-enter a serial code.
If you have been requested to re-enter your serial code despite having entered it previously, you may be logged in on a different account.
Please try logging in with a different account.

■E-ticket Purchase Period
August 7, 2020 (Fri) 6pm ~ August 19, 2020 (Wed) 10:30pm (JST) (tentative)
※Due to high traffic, you might have difficulties accessing the store or completing your purchase within the time limit immediately after the start and just before the end of the purchase period. Please ensure that you have ample time to complete your purchase. We thank you for your cooperation.

■E-ticket Price
¥3,500 (tax included)
※To view the broadcast, 1 ticket is required per person.

■How to Purchase an E-ticket
You can purchase it at the "TETSUYA Official Goods Store".
Access >>

■Rebroadcast Platform
※Member registration (free) on the broadcast platform is required.

<How to View>
①Purchase tickets from the TETSUYA Official Goods Store.
②After confirmation of your order, the e-ticket serial code / link to the broadcast room will be delivered through e-mail.
③Access the broadcast room through the link provided in the e-mail.
④Login to or register an account (free) on SHOWROOM.
⑤Input the e-ticket serial code to enter and view the broadcast. 
※Each e-ticket serial code can only be used by 1 person.

■Points to Note
※Please note that if you start watching after the start of the live rebroadcast, it will start from that point in time. You will not be able to rewind and replay the live rebroadcast.
※Please note that if your internet connection is unstable, the quality of the live broadcast may deteriorate. Please check your internet connection beforehand.
※Please be sure to read the broadcast platform’s terms and conditions and points to note.

For more information, please refer to TETSUYA's Official Website.
TETSUYA Official Website >>