#HYDEMVCHALLENGE Project Starts! Now Accepting Videos!

【Application Details】
Video lasting 5 ~ 15 seconds

<Points to Note>
※ In light of the current situation, please refrain from filming in crowded areas or with many people in an enclosed space. Please do not take videos in areas where filming is prohibited and in dangerous places.
※Please take the video vertically with your smartphone. 
※It’s OK to be wearing something over your face or for the video to be edited using phone applications.
※Headbanging like at concerts, performing HYDE’s familiar “Eiya!" jump, jumping, lip-syncing, wearing clothes and makeup like you would at concerts, wearing HYDE merchandise… There are many ways to have a good time.
※Videos of only your hands waving and videos that have added filters or are edited using phone applications are also highly welcome.
※In general, sound will not be included.
Depending on the content of the video received or the number of applications, your video might not be included.
In addition, please note that we might only use a section of your video. We ask for your kind understanding.
【Application Period】
July 6, 2020 (Mon) ~ July 17 (Fri) 11:59PM
※For more information regarding how to apply, please refer to HYDE’s Official Website.
HYDE Official Website >>